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Marketing Tip of The Day

Social media is a HOT topic and it’s something everyone wants to know more about. How do we conquer the beast?! Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are meant to be a place to simply distribute info efficiently. But aside from that, why do people get on social platforms every single day? The most common reasons are to be entertained in a moment of boredom, to be educated, to be inspired, to become a part of the “behind the scenes” or to connect &/or be involved in a community of people. When creating content for your business, keep these questions top of mind: How can I educate my followers? How can I inspire my follower? How can I entertain my followers? How can I show what this really looks like (behind the scenes)? How can I engage and be involved in this online community? Understanding what your followers are looking for is the first step in creating a strong social marketing strategy. If you’d like more information on how to grow your online presence, message me and let’s chat!