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Marketing Tip of The Day

Marketing involves several moving parts, channels, platforms, mediums and audiences. For a small business or practice (under 50 employees), it can be hard to narrow down WHICH strategy to invest in, and often times I see people select the medium they like the most – regardless of whether it is the right place for their target audience. hashtag#oops hashtag#dontbethatperson 😉 Interestingly enough, Neil Patel recently released an article on which marketing tactic delivers the BIGGEST ROI based on a study of 208 companies. Can you guess which channel it was? Some might be shocked, but SEO/content marketing delivered the BIGGEST ROI at nearly 700%. Read the article here: Your website is your online business card, and Google needs to be able to find it or else it’s a waste of time/effort/money. Hiring someone who understands the latest Google trends and website standards is going to be KEY to your success online. If you’d like more information on how to grow your online presence, message me and let’s chat!